A Family
Of Families
rom your first day at OCOMS, without your ever being aware, a
strange thing begins ro happen. Your concept of "family" is
expanded beyond the traditional confines of blood kin, spouse
and kids. You now find yourself part of a "family of families", incorpo­
rating "civilian" friends and those thrice - blessed souls among the teach­
ing clinicians, faculty and administration who serve as confidants, advo­
cates and mentors.
Perhaps most importantly, you discover that your newly extended
family includes your fellow students who are so often your greatest
source of encouragement and support. Afterall, you share everything.
Your notes, jokes, cadavers, books, gossip, mnemonics, pocket change,
and indispensable tidbits of information. You share not only your 'scope
and slides but also your triumphs, anxieties and disappointments. You
eat together, cram together, nap together, gripe together. Taxed to the
limits of your mental and physical endurance, you exhort and coax and
vex each other into going further. You ride the emotional roller-coaster
while sharing your visions of the future . And when you finally emerge as
the physicians you'd hoped to be, you have each other, in large part, to .
thank for it.
Finally, you gradually and unconsciously expand your definition of
family to embrace the communities and its peoples you're pledged to
serve. Professionally. With respect and caring. Because ultimately that's
what it means to belong to a family of families like ours.
We hope we've done it justice with this book.
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