John Conrad Friedl, D.O.
"Hey, you need to KNOW this stuff! I saw some REAL medicine
on Donahue this morning that'll make you a MILLIONAIRE. "
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
D.C. 1982 Logan College
B.S. 1981 Logan College
A.S. 1979 Tulsa Junior College
Daniel Earl Galvin, D.O.
"I'm sure Dan will be remembered most for his thankless
contribution to "Save the Whales". There 's rumor that Dan has
broken his harpoon. Let's all wish Dan luck in his quest for the
perfect Micobb."
From Neosho, Missouri
B.S. 1983 Pittsburg State University
Grant Richard Gamel, D.O.
Around OCOMS Grant was quiet and unassuming, never seeking
the lime-light. He kept a low profile while forging ahead toward
his goal.
From McAlester, Oklahoma
M.S. 1982 Oklahoma State University
B.S. 1979 Oklahoma State University
Robert Clyde Gaston, D.O.
Bob has been very instrumental in providing me support
educationally and emotionally to help me through these tr)'ing times
of medical school. Because of him my medical school days were not
really that bad, in fact much of it was fun.
From Benson, Arizona
B.S.N. 1977 University of Arizona
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