Wayne David Gross, D.O.
He is one of the hardest working, most dedicated people I know. I
believe he will be an excellent doctor (cardiologist???), but I hope
his taste in cars will improve.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 Oral Roberts University
Priscila Garcia Hinahon, D.O.
For the abundance of junk food you provided, yes, we were all
delighted. Of our class, you were a perspicacious member, always
awe-inspiring and strinkingly slender. We will all miss you after
a while, especially your beautiful Polynesian smile.
From Edmond, Oklahoma
B.S. 1981 Central State University
Hulen Riley Howe, Jr., D.O.
Bud is a conscientious individual who works hard and has a lot of
concern for his patients and colleague. He will be a fine physician.
From Meeker, Oklahoma
B.S. 1982 East Central University
Wesley Mark Ingram, D.O.
He has become one of my best friends. We've gone through a lot
together and have helped each other through this "experience". Wes
will be a great doc out in Smalltown, Ok., making house calls on
his Steiger tractor.
From Carnegie, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 Oklahoma State University
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