Robin Yoshiko Jenkins, D.O.
Robin is a very special, loving, and caring human being, whose
cheerfulness and sincerity have made my four years at OCOMS
much more enjoyable and memOrable.
From Altus, Oklahoma
B.S. 1982 S.W. Oklahoma State University
A.S. 1977 W. Oklahoma State College
Larry Martin Keithley, D.O.
A gentle and kind person who works very hard to learn so that
when the information is used it is used correctly. We were fortunate
to have him among us in the Class of
From Glenpool, Oklahoma
M.B.A. 1982 Winthrop College
B.S. 1970 Eastern Kentucky University
Michael William Keleher, D.O.
The perpetual gunner, always looking for the competitive edge. Very
quiet, very bright, but a mystery to us still.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 Oklahoma State University
We worked so hard learning
the practicum. Do
you think any of it took ?
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