Sai-Ling Lui, D.O.
Sai has given her time and talents to tutor, encourage and inspire
her classmates. She coordinated efforts for the OCOM's Children's
Christmas party. She is a special friend, and I have been blessed by
knowing her.
From Vancouver, B.C.
M .S. 1971 Southern Illinois University
B.S. 1969
Catholic University
David Mark Lovelace, D.O.
"Men say they know many things; But lo! they have taken wings­
The arts and sciences, and a thousand appliances; The wind that
blows is all that anybody knows.)}
From Norman, Oklahoma
East Central University
Robert Lee Lovell, D.O.
"Bob was always there when his bubbas needed him .
for your blessings, Dahfi.)}
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
B.S. 1974 Oklahoma City University
James Edward Magnusson, D.O.
He would like to be a plastic and reconstructive surgeqn
create the "beautiful people" of the UitJrld.
From Lawton, Oklahoma
B.S., 1983 University of Oklahoma
B.S., 1983 O.U. Health Sciences Center
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