Robert Dean Martini, D.O.
His most favorite quote: "Who's taking role?" His most famous
was born to crunch!" His ambition: To create "Quack
Your Back" franchises and drive the other minor emergency centers
out of business.
From Enid, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 S.W. Oklahoma State University
Thomas Michael McCombs, D.O.
Tom was present for nearly every lecture. He was back-up for
notegroups and audio-visual. His interest in Oriental philosophy,
folk medicine, classical guitar, principles and practices of
Osteopathy contribute to this complex person.
From Rialo, California
B.A. 1974 California State College, San Bernadino
Rodney Omar McCrory, D.O.
Ring leader and founding father of the Clandestine Committee.
"Rock the Boat" McCrory plans on practicing medicine part-time
and either harassing the state politicians or OCOMS
Administration the other half
From Blackwell, Oklahoma
B.S. 1980 Central State University
B.S. 1974 S.W. Oklahoma State University
Terrance Patrick McDermott, D.O.
"Tiger, Tiger burning bright, in the forests of the night; What
immortal hand or eye could shape thy fearful symmetery?"
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
B.S. 1982 University of Oklahoma
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