Hal Andrew Mitchell, D.O.
His cool, calm, collected manner throughout the years at OCOMS
was typified in the ACLS course. He kept his head during the
Mega-code as the rest of us had already used up our malpractice
insurance. You are a good balancing force, Hal!
From Rolla, Missouri
B.S. 1982 Brigham Young University
David Rex Monjay, D.O.
David has a unique ability to strike the right balance between
humor and learning, compassion and justice, and medicine and
travel. His clear wit and good nature will serve him well.
From Sulphur, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 S.W. Oklahoma State University
Joseph Patrick Moran, D.O.
Throughout the years he has kept things in perspective. His family
remained the "life-force". He helped whenever needed. His smile
always filled us with encouragement.
From Norman, Oklahoma
M.S. 1983 University of Oklahoma
B.S. 1981 N.W. Oklahoma State University
Steven Lyle Nussbaum, D.O.
Steve is a warm, sincere person willing to help others. As a future
orthopedic surgeon, he will be willing to treat lesions that occurred
while playing hackey-sack between classes.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 Oral RobertS University
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