Helen Diana O'Connor, D.O.
Diana is a very honest and sincere person. She cares very much
about her friends. She is gifted in that caring about people is second
nature to her,not a false mask put on by so many of us.
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
B.S. 1979 University of Oklahoma
A.A. 1977 Columbia College/University of Missouri
Leroy Harold Parks, Jr., D.O.
"Moving through the throngs, doing the best he knows, seeking no
reward, he touches lives with his poise and presence. His being
creates a difference."
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
B.S. 1978 O.U. Health Sciences Center
B.S. 1977 Oklahoma City University
James Reese Phillips, D.O.
"As spring becomes summer so life unfolds as hopes and ideals
become reality." His reality is our blessing.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Cheryl Elaine Pilkington, D.O.
Sue has demonstrated her generosity and kindness to the ClaSJ of
in many diverse ways. My dear friend will be remembered alwaJS
for her cheerfulness and willingness to he/po
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 University of Tulsa
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