conjures up differ­
ent images according
where you
are in the evolutional scheme of
things at OCOMS. For some, it is a
time of uprooting and replanting,
of excitement and anticipation, of
conviction and of doubt. For oth­
ers, it is a season of rejoicing, heal­
ing and guilt -free hours of recrea­
tion. While for others still, it is a
period of further effort and rededi­
cation. For many , it's an opportune
time to pick up added valuable
clinical experience, or a much­
needed paycheck. For nearly all,
summer is a special time to redis­
cover famil y, friends, and a faintl y
remembered thing called "self."
But for those about
plunge into
the heat of their rotations , summer
is only a blurred notation in the
calendar, a season
be recalled
wistfully in a dream.
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