Ronald August Raelson, D.O.
No one ever doubted that Ron would achieve his goal of completing
medical school. His single-mindedness and direction are an
inspiration to his classmates. We'll all remember Ron with
From Valparaiso, Indiana
M.S. 1974 University of Minnesota
A.B. 1972 Indiana University
Paul DeVries Rains, D.O.
Once in every
years there comes along a medical student with
the right sense ofpriorities in life. Paul is such a person. "Let's
look at the big picture here:
hours and 45
minutes from now, we will all be physicians. Why dwell on the
current problems?"
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
M. Div. 1976 Emory University
B.A. 1971 University of Missouri/St. Louis
A.A. 1969 Jefferson College
Robert Vernon Reese, Jr., D.O.
"I can hardly wait to graduate from OCOMS and finish
internship so I can leave this foreign country and get back to the
States {Confederate} where people talk without accents.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1976 Valdosta State
John Thomas Romano, D.O.
Someone who managed to out-do the hectic pace of medical school
by keeping his cool, slow, down-to-earth style and his .
. .
tan. He
helped us see the beauty of EVERYTHING through the lens of a
camera. Someone I'll miss .
along with
milli()1l other girls.
From Colorado Springs, Colorado
B.S. 1982 Oklahoma Christian College
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