COMS is four
The Ground Floor
neighborhoods all
stacked neatly on top of
one another like cups and
saucers. These neighborhoods are
called "floors" . Sometimes you
can see neighborhood transients
roaming these floors. These
transients are called "students".
They travel vertical highways
from one neighborhood to
another in vehicles called
"elevators", which are the latest
thing in transportation.
The denizens of the
bottommost neighborhood see to
the needs of all the others above
- even the transients'. When it
running off a copy of
something STAT, these folks
can't be duplicated. Need a hot
meal? a warm reception? a good
book? a secure, well-lighted place
to read it in? You can count on
these ground floor neighbors.
They'll even show you what's
good on the tube, or put on a
special light show for your
entertainment. We 've included
some pictures of them so you can
see what they look like.
Linda Roberts, Madgeline Cluck, Natasha Wright, Anita Sutrick, Janet Hughes, Lyon
Scott, and Dave Money, Library Staff
Evon Clark, Public Relations
Randy Taylor, Coordinator of Audio
Visual Services
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