The First Floor
Daniel E. Overack" Ph.D., Asst. Dean of Students
Hohengarten, Ed. D., Registrar and Director of Student Services
he first floor is the Great
Melting Pot of OCOMS,
a neighborhood
continually in flux, where dapper
executives and professorial types
can be seen socializing with
visitors and transients. At times,
the atmosphere can be quite
festive, like Mardi Gras in
Soweto. On the east side of the
bridge are two mental gymnasia,
called "lecture halls", where
transients exercise their wits and
take naps. Mostly naps. On the
west side of the bridge are the
ancient carrelcombs where
transient monks chant from the
Holy Writ of Woodburne. For
those interested in commerece,
there's the Wall Street Annex
where one may apply for a job or
a loan, pay a bill, or secure a
voucher for an absence and other
negotiables. Idle over a bag of
vintage popcorn and harken
the music of computer keyboard
Liberaces. And keep sharp eye
peeled for the local nobility. Who
knows? One might spy a passing
President or Dean, a Lab Lord, or
even a Royal Roll-Taker.
Bot. Left: Cassandra Harding, Denise
Dykes, and Glenda Tucker, Student
Services; Michelle Bartlett, Student SerĀ­
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