Any cinemagraphic extravaganza, with such a cast of thousands, involves many ·behind the
scenes stars. This has decidedly been the case with the 87-88 production of the PinnaCle. For
best supporting cast, and with a "bigger than life"
Thank You,
we award:
Nine. to Five
Michelle Bartlett
Sandy Harding
Denise Dykes
Frank Hohengarten
Daniel Overack
Diane Landrum
Broadcast ·News
Gary Williams
Carolyn Plummer
Ellen Stockton
Janna Kraft
Randy :Guntharp
Short Circuit
Greg Gray
Wall Street
Cecilia Mousley
Vicki Noe
Barbara Johnson
Jan Womack
Terry Boucher
Donna Strand
The Last Picture Show
Bill Meek
Brian Raber
Charlie Marley
Jeff Anderson
Les Lehew
Chariots of Fire
Clyde Jensen
And finally, for his memorable role in
Up In Smoke,
our sponsor, George Brenner.
Behind the scenes, there has also. been a large and active Technical Crew, this year's yearbook
staff. In their areas of
Best Technique
Section Editors
Laurie Duckett - MSI
Beth Teague - MSII
Julie Thomas - MSIII
Judy Garrett ­
Lisa Owens ­
Max Cieminski
Business Manager
Kathy Mercer
Photography/ Developing
Scott McGuire
David Good
Johnny Rodriguez
Carla Jones
Joe Queeney
Fred Scott
Casey Roberts
Copy .
Ed Kramer
Nancy Brown
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