The Directors shout "Cut!", and
we cut. They yell "Stitch!", and we
stitch. They hand us our weight in
paper, ordering: "Read -this! Your
test is tomorrow!" And, like the
dutiful Type-A souls that we are,
. we break out some fresh hi-liters
and start _cramming.
But we all need a moment to our­
selves once ina while to dream .
starry-eyed of the day when we'll
receive the ultimate achievement
award .. . our D.O. degree.
. For some of us, it may seem far off
... .distant . .. unattainable. For
others, it's almost at hand. But
whenever that day comes , it will
be time to start dreaming again.
Dreaming of what new roles ... of
what · new challenges- . .. may lie
Lost Horizon
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