Local boy leaves home to head
back East, makes good, and returns
to clean up his old home town.
To Western film buffs, it sounds
like the plot of tha't classic horse
Jimmy Stewart in the title role.
But, take out the violence, leave
the warmth and humor, re-cast the
part with a likeable, lanky fellow
by the name of Clyde Jensen, and,
pardner, you've got RETURN OF
And a true son of OCOMS he is,
too. Back in '74, when men where
Men, women were Women, and
med students did in three years
what now takes four, Clyde Jensen
gave the first lecture in our
school's history. He was just a
young Pharm' hand back then. But
before long, he found himself rid­
ing herd as Assistant Dean for Stu­
dent Affairs and Coordinator for
Research and Development.
The day finally came when he han­
kered after bigger challenges. So,
he headed the family buckboard
for the hills of West Virginia
where he hired on as Head Wran­
gler at the School of Osteopathic
But then he heard that the folks at
home had need of him, so he mo­
seyed on back to lend a helping
hand. Now he's blazin' new trails
as our third Head Wrangler.
To him go our sincere best wishes
and our warmest welcome home.
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