To members of the OCOMS family,
The curtain is closing on one of OCOMS' most historic years. Its eleventh class
has graduated, political threats to the school have been quickly subdued, the
college's first postdoctoral program has been approved for implementation,
and there is a renewed vigor throughout the college.
As the various dramas comprising this year have been acted out, a cast of
heroes has emerged. OCOMS' students, our greatest resource, have remained
steady in their pursuit of excellence. OCOMS' faculty have reached for the
strength and enthusiasm to inspire others. OCOMS' staff have performed
their responsibilities with dedication and quiet confidence. The college Re­
gents, the alumni, members of the profession, and other friends of the college,
have provided necessary encouragement to the OCOMS cast.
If the world is a stage, and if, as the theme of this year's Pinnacle implies, we
are actors, I hope you'll join with me in applauding our students, faculty, and
staff for their fine performances as scholars, ambassadors, and servants to the
As pleased as we are with this year's performance, it must be acknowledged
that this year has been only one act in a continuing saga. I look forward to
future scenes which will depict the OCOMS family involved in the develop­
ment of our long-range plans: the expansion of OCOMS' service region to
surrounding states and our Native American population; the establishment and
sponsorship of internships and residencies in Oklahoma and surrounding
states; and the continuation of an environment in which we all work in
harmony to cause OCOMS to emerge as the nation's finest college for the
training of rural physicians.
I'm pleased to have been given the opportunity to return to OCOMS. I am
proud to be a part of a college which is achieving greatness as a consequence
of its cast of students, faculty, and staff.
Clyde B. Jensen, Ph.D.
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