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Another year has passed at OCOMS and, in review, we reflect on the many joys and anxieties
of medical school, and of our world. The summer of '87 saw our MS-IV's
Trading Places
in their
first year of c1inicals while Oklahoma plunged into summer, both resembling a
Cat On
Hot Tin
For at least part of the MS-I's, their
Poseidon Adventure
began early, with the refrains of.
"There's Got to be a Morning After", already echoing in their souls. MS-Ul's faced the first
round of boards in a time that felt like a
Clockwork Orange,
and MS-U's languished in summer,
learning to walk again on level ground after a year of
Fall came all too fast, and we returned to the halls of OCOMS, our fives as shakey as the world
economy, rocking with the stockmarket in scenes from
Planet of the Apes.
Winter and
Christmas break both roared in, as we chopped our way out of ice, snow and finals, vowing to
Never Cry Wolf
(although OU and the Orange Bowl went the way of
Tin Men).
Much reflection marked this ending of '87 - reflection on Viet Nam and America's role there
with such movies as
Gardens of Stone.
Every student can recall similar reflections
in their lives as they weigh the sacrifice against the goal of being called Physician.
1988 sawall of us viewing a new year faced with the crises of the growing homeless in America
and the famines again in Africa, the hope of peace in the light of Gorbachev's visit, and the
promises of politicians in a Presidential Election Year. Will the
Days of Heaven
and will our part in the world make a difference?
We all hope so.
The Baby Brigade of 1987-88. James Aaron Baker - 11/ 24/86. Emily Diane
Scott - 3/ 14/87. Rebecca lynn Anderson - 5/ 1/87, Olivia Norine Childs - 6/
28/ 87. Benjamin Rolf lee - 6/ 19/87. Max Joseph Cieminski - 8/ 9/ 86
Allie Nichole Fulp - 2/ 14/ 87
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