could be weirder than the first year at OCOMS? Try the
second year
at OCOMS! Dr. Jekyll, after knocking back one of
his famous home brews, didn't experience nothin' weirder
than the kinds of changes an MS II goes through. Take
.. . please!
Who'd-a-thunk there'd be soooo much to read? Do
they actually expect us to learn all this stuff? Say, I thought the
tibial plateau was in Ecuador.
And then there's the laugh-a-minute world of
Clinical Science:
Okay, the differential diagnoses for syncope are aortic steno­
sis . .. IHSS . . . Eisenmenger's Syndrome . .. and . .. perform­
ing pelvics!
Dr. Graham, could you please come
over here . . . I can't find any of my partner's spinous pro­
cesses - I think she's an invertebrate.
And so it goes -
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