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It's nutty (and predictable) this transition we all go through.
As pre-meds, we'd have given our left arm to get into medical
school; by the middle of our first year, we'd have given our
right arm to get outl And who wouldn't give up some eye teeth
to be where you're now standing .. . a senior, on the verge of
a future filled with bright promise.
So why is it, then, as you contemplate your new role of intern,
that a small part of you wishes to trade places with almost
anyone else? Coul'd it be fatigue? Insecurity? Malaise of un­
known etiology? Or just an anxious awareness of dues yet to
be paid. Well, put it aside for the moment, whatever it is, and
take heart in this: you're on your way, nowI let the last words
you hear as you pass out the door be these:
No vne can trade places with anyone. And everything in life is
possible . . . even happiness.
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