Darryl Anthony Atkinson, D.O.
"Mr. OP
P, and the winner of Mr. Congeniality ...
come lay your hands on me."
From Lawton. Oklahoma
B.S. 1981 O.U. Health Sciences Center
John Michael Bauer, D.O.
Mick "Nutrasweet" Bauer is
very energetic person who
has worked hard to develop his mind and body. There is no
doubt that Mick will go far as
D.O. The question is, will he
ever come back?
From Chanute, Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 Southwestern State College
Harlow William Beebe, Jr, D.O.
Father, Friend and Gentleman's Physician.
From Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
B.S. 1971 Michigan Tech University
Steven Craig Behrendsen, D.O.
man of stature and favor with God and with men. He will
prosper in whatever practice he sets his hands to perform.
From Yuma, Colorado
B.S. 1983 Oral Roberts University
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