Steven John Fiorucci, D.O.
Steve will be remembered for his knowledge. honesty.
integrity. and his extreme shyness with ladies.
From Iron Mountain, Michigan
B.S. 1978 Michigan State University
B.S. 1976 Michigan Tech University
James Michael Fitzgerald, D.O.
Mike has established
reputation among his peers as an
easy going. level-headed individual. But seriously. folks
From Bristow, Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Tommy Darrell Foreman, D.O.
Success is
journey. not
and Tommy's
got the map. He should: he drew it himself.
From Copan, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 East Central State University
Sofie Grethe Frog, D.O.
We all wish you luck. Greta. in your home country.
Norway. Oslo
. ..
look out!
From Ada, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 East Central State University
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