Grace Ruth Kennedy, 0.0.
Grace's infamous question, "Is Zap
response?", will
always be
highlight of our second year at OCOMS.
From Bartlesville, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 University of Oklahoma
David Mark Keuchel. D.O.
David learned relatively early that the closer he sat to
the door, the easier he could 'slip out' after roll. His
special blend of personality and professionalism will no
doubt be
benefit to the Osteopathic profession.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 University of Oklahoma
Janice Marie Kraszewski. D.O.
Wow! All eyes turned as Jan walked in. One student
whispered, "Lady doctors don't look like that.". Since
then, we all have come to appreciate Jan for her medical
acumen and exceptional organizational skills.
From Bethany, Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
linda Sue lantrip. D.O.
If any person is ever truly 'called'to be
physician, that
person would be Linda. Her competent manner, caring
nature, and considerate personality make her an example
of what
physician should be.
From Forrest City, Arkansas
B.S. 1983 University of Arkansas at Little Rock
A.A. 1975 State College of Arkansas
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