Dana Nighswonger, D.O.
Dana broke her leg and chose her orthopedic career all
on the same slope.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Dennis James O'Connell, D.O.
Denny, may you forever have patients who see 'floaters'
and 'haloes', and have the best of luck ridding yourself
of 'The Red Eye' - be it yours and Jack Daniels' or
theirs and their livers.
From Enid, Oklahoma
B.S. 1981 Michigan State University
B.S. 1978 Michigan State University
Ronald Nelson Oglesby, D.O.
Ron was the real 'Sleeper' of the class.
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
B.A. 1984 St. Mary's University
Kevin Michael Oliver, D.O.
He's the guy in our class who worked behind the scenes
to make sure everything went off right. He was the
'class caterer'
many of our parties. He was the one
who always made sure we got our handouts. Besides
that, he's just
truly nice, caring guy. Thanks, Kevin! We
wouldn't have done it without you!
From Midwest City, Oklahoma
B.A. 1982 University of Missouri at Columbia
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