Edwin Lynn Parsley, D.O.
Grew to appreciate the value of manipulation in Internal
Medicine. He was always around to liven up the class
when we needed it. He'll make
very capable physician
in whatever field he chooses.
From Guymon, Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Darrell Wayne Pearman, D.O.
Darrell is
unique individual in that he came to OCOMS
degree in Agriculture and has successfully
integrated that knowledge into medicine - he is great
with vegetables!
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 Oklahoma State University
B.S. 1982 Oklahoma State University
Melvin Lee Robison, D.O.
Mel is
difficult person to write about since Mel was
always difficult to find. Mel did
lot politically for the
school and the D.O. profession -- and vice-versa.
From Sapulpa, Oklahoma
B.S. 1976 Southwestern State University
Joe David Sagely, D.O.
'Indian Joe' spent so much time traveling between
Claremore and Tulsa, he virtually lived out of his truck.
Joe didn't mind the hassle, though, because his children
major priority in his life.
From Muldrow, Oklahoma
B.S. 1976 Northeastern State University
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