Adam Benjamin Smith, D.O.
Adam's most famous quote: "I think I'll watch this old
John Wayne movie that I've already seen
times, then
maybe study for the test. I also feel like gaining some
weight - I think I'll go on a diet.".
From Ardmore, Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 University of Oklahoma
Kenneth Bret Smith, D.O.
Ken will be remembered most for his quiet, laid-back
nature, and for his ability to catch a softball with his
From Stratford. Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 East Central State University
Saundra Sue Spruiell, D.O.
Sandra is the most genuine person I've ever met. Her
faith in God and pure desires allow her to accomplish
anything. She was voted 'Best Legs' by qualified OCOMS
From Altus, Oklahoma
B.F.A. 1983 University of Oklahoma
Susan Kay Steele, D.O.
Susan has overwhelming friendliness, an outgoing nature,
and a sincere desire to care for her patients. She was
the soul behind the 'Somatic Dysfunction Sisters'. And if
anatomy lab had lasted all three years, we might never
have seen her in class.
From Tulsa. Oklahoma
M.S. 1981 Oklahoma State University
B.S. 1977 Oklahoma State University
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