Glenn Doyle Taylor. D.O.
From Guthrie, Oklahoma
B.S. 1983 University of Oklahoma
Steven Paul Treat. D.O.
Steve is the nicest guy ... consistent, persistent and
thorough. His gentle nature and good heart will stand
him and his patients in good stead.
From Skiatook, Oklahoma
8.5. 1984 Oklahoma State University
Mary Ann Turley. D.O.
Ambitious, caring and giving
the only classmate to
real mother.
From Chandler, Oklahoma
8.5. 1984 University of Oklahoma
A.S. 1980 Mesa College
Henry Kuper Upchurch. D.O.
Kuper, thank you for your
V expertise that kept the
slide show rolling, your probing questions that kept the
instructors thinking, and your magnanimous sneezes that
kept the back row from sleeping.
From Fort Smith, Arkansas
B.A. 1978 St. Joseph's Seminary
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