Harold Glen Wagner. D.O.
Harold Wagner is also known as: "Simply Marvelous'
Wagner, 'Too Tall' Wagner, •Wine, Women and So-long'
From Dallas. Texas
B.A. 1979 Bishop College
Thomas leslie Ward. D.O.
In any class there are usually
few select students who
make the rest of the students proud of their class. Tom
is one such student. His unique effectiveness as
President of the class is attributable to his artful
exercise of diplomatic leadership.
From Tulsa . Oklahoma
J.D. 1983 Oklahoma City University
D.D.S. 1976 University of Missouri
B.S. 197.2 S.W. Missouri State
luann Woods. D.O.
Luann's unique sense of humor always seemed to provide
with notegroup cartoons from Broom Hilda to more
risque, yet entertaining, tidbits of information.
From Tulsa. Oklahoma
B.S. 1984 Oklahoma State University
A.S. 1979 Tulsa Junior College
Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine and
1984 - 1988
Congratulations to Our Twelfth Graduating Class
Tulsa. Oklahoma
Providing Osteopathic Physicians for All of Oklahoma
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