Every leader has his own style that sets the tone
for the entire institution. Since assuming the presi­
dency here in
Clyde B. Jensen, Ph.D., has
established an upbeat outlook and weathered sever­
al storms. Dr. Jensen came to this college at a time
when the future was uncertain. His direction has
lead us through a merger with Oklahoma State Uni­
versity and from the point of closing the school to
one with a broader scope and strength than ever
before. Here are Dr. Jensen's thoughts on the school
and its future .
How do you feel about the merger with OSU?
OSU has been interested in strengthening its in­
sti tution with a medical college, and the success that
OCOMS has had in the training of rural physicians
was viewed to be very compatible with OSU 's land­
grant heritage . OSU also desired a greater presence
in Tulsa, and, of course, OCOMS has assumed a
rather prominent position within higher education
in Tulsa .
The potential advantages to OCOMS through the
merger with OSU are obvious. OSU can strengthen
the OCOMS faculty, enrich OCOMS' research ac­
tivities, enhance OCOMS' image, enlarge OCOMS'
applicant pool, and in innumerable other ways,
strengthen our College. ''I'm very pleased with the
merger and consider it to be the single most impor­
tant development at the College since the construc­
tion of the campus in
You have spoken in the past about expanding our
service region. Why is that needed and what areas
are being considered?
By expanding our service region, we can always
be assured of qualified applicants to fill our classes.
Also, revenues potentially available to us from oth­
er states as we train physicians for those states
could further improve the quality of our programs
at our school. The beauty of this plan is that we can
accomplish these objectives without in anyway di­
minishing our commitment to, or increasing our
demands upon, the state of Oklahoma. We are pres­
ently looking at Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Colo­
rado, New Mexico, and southwest Missouri .
How would you sum up your assessment of the future
I've never been happier with my circumstances than I
am now with OCOMS, OSU, and the bright future that
illuminates our horizon. The opportunities that lie before
us are awesome, and the cooperative talent that is now
assembled to pursue those opportunites convince me that
the road ahead for COM-OSU is a road that I want to
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