The Pinnacle Staff wishes to extend a SPECIAL THANKS to the following people who helped to make the printing
press run more smoothly.
Michelle Bartlett
Denise Dykes
Jeanine Holmes
Clyde Jensen
Barbara Johnson
Janna Kraft
Michelle McDaris
Vicki Noe
Daniel Overack
Carolyn Plummer
Brian Raber
Ellen Stockton
Wayne Thompson
Gary Williams
The people behind the scenes who ran the printing press and made this yearbook possible.
Co-editor-Beth McKinnis
Co-editor-Robin Nolen
Section Editors
Lifestyles (1st year)-Jill Thomas
Comics (2nd year)-Sylvia Warren
Entertainment (3rd year)-Robin Nolen
Editorials (4th year)-Beth McKinnis
Advertisements-Janet Garcia
Writing Staff
Randy Guntharp-Chief Writer
Kevin Baker
Mike Wieting
Cole Nilson
Lindsey Barnes
Sylvia Warren
Monte Cary
Casey Roberts
Developing/ Printing
Kim Galusha-Chief Photography Technican
Myra Harreld-Chief Photography Technican
Sponsor-William Meek
Financial Manager-Janet Garcia
John Hermann
Mark Melton
Randy Hunt
Myra Harreld
Kim Galusha
Hung Vo
Bob Warren
Robin Nolen
Beth McKinnis
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