Dear Michelle:
I am a MWM with emerald frothy odontia who is ISO the truth. My friends seem to be stand-offish. Please
give me a suggestion. - Breathlessly awaiting
Dear Breathlessly awaiting:
"Brush up" on your social skills.
Dear Michelle:
I am a MS I SWM seeking out an applied anatomy tutor who can tutor me Q.I.D., P.O., A.c., and A.5.A.P..
Any suggestions? - Desperately seeking help
Dear Desperately seeking help:
Buy a Grant's and start studying stat!
Dear Michelle:
Most of my friends make fun of me and say I am short, fat, and dumpy. The truth is, I am not short, I just look
that way because I am so broad. Should I correct them, or should I still let them call me chunky? By the way, I
like the name.
- The County Seat
Dear Seat:
You should think more highly of yourself.
is not everyone who gets their own zip code from the post office.
Your friends are lucky to have a friend that they can all sit next to at the same time.
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