Our local CritiC, Sisco Eggbert,
offers his review of "The Life of the
Third Year" .
I found "The Life of the Third
Year" to be refreshing. It was a
clever mix of the academic world
and the real world. The players
seemed eager to move on to larger
roles. Due to this distraction, their
performances were not always the
best. But the many hours of re­
hearsals necessary to get them to
this point were now paying off.
Clearly, these were the doctors of
the future. The script was academy
award material. Here were a bunch
of kids who have taken the abuse
and punishment necessary to reach
their goals. With those goals now
in sight, nothing was going to stop
them. While meeting the demands
of this role, they were already pre­
paring to take their show on the
road for next season, and it looks
like it will have a long run; expect a
sequel. I give this show five stars.
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