To editorialize on the final year
seems a bit ironic. The three years
preceeding this have been the stuff
of which editorials are made. One
could editorialize on the road taken
to this point, or maybe the road not
taken. But the fourth year is the
year of rebirth. This is the year that
the terms "student" and "doctor"
begin to merge. The year that re­
sponsibility is a heavy mantle
thrust upon both the willing and
unwilling. Life begins to take on a
new direction. The future is no
longer a distant mist, promising an
end to sorrows.
is now an ever­
approaching storm, bearing down
on all. There is much preparation.
Knowing that after the storm, there
will be a rainbow and a new life to
is a trade of books, tests,
and idiosyncratic instructors for
DRGs, cases, and idiosyncratic pre­
ceptors. But four years ago, it was a
goal. Now,
is an achievement.
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