Johnny Ray Rodriguez. D.O.
There are
words to describe Johnny. Dr. Rodriguez is
one of the most respected and loved people in our class.
Maybe one of these days Johnny will be as good as a Dr.
"Who". Who knows?
From Southard, Oklahoma
B.5. 1985
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Charles David Rogers, D.O.
He's always full of zest and vim, there's really
one quite
like him.
From Paris, Arkansas
B.5. 1982
Oral Roberts University
Stephanie Dawn Runyan, D.O.
Stephanie is quite a quiet and intense lady but she was the
only one who had guts enough to bound down the stairs to
greet Bachenburg
that illustrious quiz review day. What a
From Roff, Oklahoma
B.5. 1985
East Central University
Michael Dean Sheaffer, D.O.
Mike is a hard worker and a caring person. He will be an
excellent physician.
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg Area Community College
B.5. 1978
Elizabeth Town College
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