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Tom Says "Easy does it!" to Dr.
Yates during an OP&P pre-lab
demonstration on
strain/counterstrain of the pelvis.
We are proud this year that Dr.
Herbert Yates, a fellow of the MO
and the faculty sponsor of UAA.O.
is in charge of planning 'the events
for the MO convocation in March,
Dr. Irvin seems to question his
sense of direction ... "Is this the
way to California?"
Dr. Joann Ryan prepares herself
for lab. Dr. Ryan was a speaker at
an informal UAA.O. function, "My
life as a D.O."
Dr. David Asher checks out his
gait; is he surprised by what he
In the wake of the new
departmentalization, Dr. Ken
Graham is the new chairperson
of the OP&P department. This
year also marks a year of
partnership and unity between
the OP&P faculty and the local
UAA.O. Thanks guys!!
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