Blessings come to us in many ways- but the nicest come as friends.
Although these past two weeks have been very difficult and sad for us. we have to agree that we have
been blessed with the friendship of a very special person. Michelle Hagemeister. She has touched our
lives. each in different ways; but in ways that we will never forget. It has been said. "Some people pass
through our lives and quickly go on their way; others stay for a while and leave footprints in our hearts.
and we are never. ever the same."
Michelle was that kind of a person. Her friendship to us meant a lot of things; she was a listener. a talker.
someone who would say. "Remember when we ... ". and we remembered and laughed together. It
seems like in a year and a half. we spent a lifetime with Michelle doing things that make real friendships .
Our memories will keep this friendship forever in our hearts.
Michelle was a good person. We believe that she must have discovered early in life some "pearls" to
make her life happier and .shield her in misfortune. Her "Pearls" were this:
-to be in love with life. so life will love you back;
-to be in love with people. so there is every reason to live;
-and to be in love with God. so there is no fear of death.
We also truly believe that if we can live our lives by these "pearls". we will again see Michelle in a place
far more beautiful than where we first met her . . . . . . .. because Friends are Friends Forever.
Robin Dyer
November 21. 1989
We held our breath.
Little by little we have had to let it go.
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day
Hope fades
Rational minds cannot accept this
irrational act.
Yet we try
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day
To give rhyme and reason to such a cha­
otic act
Soon. too soon. cries our hearts
We must let go
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day
To go forth into our future with only
memories of her smile.
Marilyn Hines
You came here full of hope and
Wide eyed with a love for life
You became a living part of our family.
of this we remember.
You opened your doors to us.
provided a place for us to gather.
The fun and laughter came as we real­
there was life outside.
You helped us forget for awhile.
of this we remember.
When work was to be done or a project
completed, you were there.
Seldom was your hand not outstretched
to volunteer.
of this we remember.
But most of all. we remember your smile
Your warmth. and the love that you gave
to us all.
You will be with us always.
Of this we remember.
John Hermann
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