Brian Edward Reynolds
From Oklahoma City, OK
B.S. 1987 Oklahoma City University
Lance Elliott Rosson, D.O.
Lance "Scooby Doo" Rosson is quite a
trendsetter. /Yot only has he set the record
for consecutive ping pong serves into the
he also obliterated the old
record for consecutive missed lectures.
The old record of
pales in comparison
to Lance's
consecutive absences. Yes,
Lance, we believe that record will stand for
years to come!
From Oklahoma City, OK
B.S. 1986 Central State University
Barbara Ann Rygiel, D.O.
Our Madame President is a very big person
excluding her stature. tier charm, wit, and
intelligence far outweighs those individuals
ofnormal size! She's a wife, mother,
student, and a good friend. She will give
her heart and soul to the profession while
keeping us all sane with her great sense of
humor. We love you, Babs!
From Mannford, OK
B.S. 1985 University of Oklahoma
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