OF 1991
Robert Ellis Sanders, D.O.
Bob Sanders is the reincarnation of Will Rogers, with
jogging shoes/ A (learned) marathon man and truly a
nice guy/
From Sallisaw, OK
B.S. 1975 Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Patrick Albert Sharp Jr., D.O.
Patrick has been a great asset to our class. You
could always count on him for a clever heckle
during the lectures. Extracurricular activities keep
him busy outside ofschool with piano and karate
being his favorite hobbies. Ultimately, we can
count on Pat to be a highly motivated, weI/­
rounded physician.
From Collinsville, OK
B.S. 1987 University of Oklahoma
Neal Wesley Siex, D.O.
"Little Giant" ... ffe is diplomatic, professional,
humorous, and a gentleman. I found /Yeal to be
good with children ...
years credit in
pediatric psychology at C0I'1-0SU. " ffe is
destined to become a great physician and has
the potential to be a "pillar in the community. "
From Tulsa, OK
B.S. 1987 Oral Roberts University
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