L ___
Stanley Richard Stacy, D.O.
Ping pong terror. Pool shark. Famous quote: "I
read the notegroups once so I deserve an A. "
From Tulsa, OK
B.S. 1986 University of Oklahoma
Ronald Addan Stewart, D.O.
Ron has a genuine concern for the people around
him. fie 's the type ofperson that makes you feel
comfortable from the moment you meet him.
Ron 's compassion for his fellow man will make
him a fantastic physician, one in whom I would
trust the care ofmy family.
From Memphis, TN
B.S. 1980 University of Tennessee
Donald Ron Taylor, D.O.
has been a real pleasure having Don in our
class. fie is a very likable guy that you can count
on when you need him. /Yow, ifhe could only
play ping pong like a real man!
From Tahlequah, OK
B.S. 1986 Northeastern State University
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