OF 1991
Jill Danette Thomas, D.O.
Jill, Jill, Jill . .. what would life in medical school
have been like without your putting on lipstick
in class, making crossword puzzles and writing
satire in class, andyour contribution to
"Freud's Group?" The answer - it would have
been NO FUN! Underneath that humor lies an
excellent, sensitive, and capable doctor. Your
patients will love you andyour "regional
vernacular. "
From Atoka, OK
B.S. 1987 East Central University
Michael Alan Thomas, D.O.
From Clinton, MO
B.A. 1987 William Jewell College
Lee Anthony Tisdale, D.O.
Tony's credo is "work hard-play hard. " ffe'll
solve some of the future 's toughest medical
problems by honest, hard work. Then,
afterwards, do some honest, hard cheering.
From Victoria, TX
B.S. 1987 Pan American University
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