InstinctJvely Secure
It's a feeling that stems from
strength and knowledge. But it's
built upon respect.
That's true in our business, too.
lkcause it takes more than
providing the proper medical
malpractice insurance to assure
That's why our clients regularly
receive not on Iy professional
advice, but also personalized
By staying in touch we know our
client's concerns, and can act upon
them promptly. As a company
directed for medical professionals,
we know how much more that can
add to your sense of security,
without adding to your premiums.
you'd like to find out more,
write us at: Two East Gregory,
Kansas City, Mo. 64114.
Or call (816) 523-1835.
Outside Missouri,
call toll-free
Professional Medical Insurance Company
Professional Mutual Insurance RRG
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