Hillcrest is building
Hillcrest Health Center recently
a .7 million project,
providing 30,000 square feet of space and renovation. Most of the
addition is devoted to the Surgery Center housing six state-of-the-art
surgery rooms and 22
patient holding areas.
Future plans include
i of our emergency department
and ancillary seNice areas. The bottom line is that Hillcrest is on the
move, and will continue to grow with a nearly 15 percent increase in
seNices annually.
dings Don't Heal Peopl 'E.....---'
Hillcrest Health Center is a full-seNice osteopathic h
ffering a wide
variety of specialty services. Of a total staff of nearly'
pJjysicians, nearly 75
percent are either board-certified or board-eligible in their respective fields of
As a teac hing facility, Hillcrest is presently approved for 16 internship
programs, as well as two orthopediC surgery and four general
residenc ies each year. Hillcrest also offers one o f the top poCllatrlc
programs in the nation.
Hillcrest maintains among the highest patient census figures in Oklahoma and
averages more than 500 inpatient admissions a month and nearly 22,000
outpatients a year.
Hillcrest partiCipates with medical
programs throughout the state
and country, including Oklahoma StaftUJoiv rsity, to provide postdoctoral
training for medical interns and other healthcare professionals.
OK 73119 (405) 685-6671
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