The Faces of Osteopathy:
and New
Our favorite faces are captured for all time on these pages. Some are unforgettable; a few
we might like to forget. AlI are important because they are the faces of our past, present and
They are the faces of those who molded us into what we are, or who were molded alongside
us. They are friends, colleagues, mentors and, at times, our tormentors. They are the faces of
those with whom we shared a common goal in the school year
the formation of
contributing members of the community.
These faces display the spirit of COM-OSU. For what is the purpose of a yearbook if not to
catch a glimpse of the heartbeat of new students, graduating students, and students in
between, together with the faculty and staff who share in the excitement of medical school.
The faces of osteopathy and medicine have changed considerably since the days of A.T.
Still. In another
years: the changes will be exponential. We hope one thing will never
change, such as caring for others. Because caring is the overpowering reason we set our feet
on this long, tiring journey.
No matter the adversity, please always remain a face who cares.
The Pinnacle Editors
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