(Top right photo) It's a
beautiful day for the
annual Atlas Golf
Tournament. President
Chris Shearer. (Right)
Davin Turner (Vice
President) and brother.
(Above) " Fore! Oops, sorry. " Marty
McBee at the annual golf
tournament. (Left) Joe Dunaway
lines up for the drive.
(Top left) Atlas stud dudes (look so good, they
broke the camera!) Front row: Davin Turner
(Vice President), Chris Shearer (President),
John Crim, Ken Hamilton; row 2: Chris Schmidt,
Steven Yost, Jim Campbell; row 3: Chris Cole,
Rob Hensley, Steve Bovasso, Jim Morgan, Robin
Western; row 4: Kevin Carter, Doug Moreland,
Nick Griffin, Steve Vogel, Bill Davito; row 5: Joe
Dunaway, Murray Crow, Chayne Fisher, Tony
Economou, Craig Abernathy, and Blake Casey.
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