Isn't Easy
Being a Freshman
.. .
Upperclassmen laughed and pointed at us as
we exited our first anatomy test. We rode an
emotional roller coaster that took us to heights
- parties at the Mid-Continent Building - and
then to depths - buried beneath Dr. Taylor's
anatomy handouts.
The tension of our first semester was under­
scored by hostilities in the Middle East. We
feared losing our classmates to active service.
Some students melted away tension with a
quick game of hacky sack between lectures
(lower right photo: Got a problem with your piri­
formis, John? Brian Cook, John Weddle, Greg
Hubbard and Jeff Gibson). The new student cen­
ter was complete in November. We quickly
made ourselves at home around the pool and
ping pong tables, and slouched into those
1970's style couches (lower left photo: Lance
Feray and John Weddle). And most of us knew
how to keep a sense of humor (top photo: When
is the wedding, guys? Joseph O'Donnell and
Mark Duncan).
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