About the time we believed one more dry lec­
ture would break us, Dr. Kirk ran the video of
"Patton, M.D.": "Thirty years from now, when
you're sitting around your fireside with your
grandson on your knee and he asks you what
you did in the great war on disease, you won't
have to say, 'Well, I practiced psychotherapy,'''
On the same day, Dr. Goljan directed student
players in his production of "The Hemoglobin
Story," Remember how sad transferrin was to
lose iron to protoporphyrin? And Dr. Kirk and
Dr. Jarolim were always available for an early
morning session in histology or anatomy.
Many freshmen had dual roles to play - par­
ent and student. Little people jOined us often for
lecture. Ever notice how well-behaved they
Finals came just in time. Months of never­
ending studies were punctuated by two weeks of
burning midnight oil. One professor, wearing a
sneaky grin, made the following comment to a
particularly haggard freshman: "Won't you be
glad to get the easy classes out of the way and
get on to the difficult stuff?"
No, it isn't easy being a freshman.
(Top) Davin Haraway gets into the holiday
mood in his Santa shoes. Poor little guys.
Let's hope Davin's wearing odor eaters.
Sweet Megan DeSonia gets a kiss from
daddy Andy. Andrew DeSonia and Susanne
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