Brent Dewaide Bell, D.O.
To Brent - My fellow Democrat, future
psychiatrist and dedicated shopper! You
always seem to know exactly what I'm
thinking before I say it. Thanks for
helping me thru some ofthe best and
worst times ofmy life. You ' ve been, .(and
I hope always will be), a great friend.
From Sayre, OK
B.S. 1981 Southwestern Oklahoma
Johny Stephen Bell, D.O.
Imagine: You 're in Oodebo Oklahoma
Hospital after suffering an acute MI. As you
slip into V-fibb, and subsequently into
unconsciousness; from the corner ofyour
eyes, your last glimpse is Dr. Bell frantically
thumbing through the BLS manual without his
From Tulsa, OK
B.S. 1985 Oklahoma State University
Phillip Ray Berry, D.O.
It's amazing how Phil can put out
little effort and still excel in all
ofhis classes! While we were all up
studying late at night - Phil was
home asleep! But seriously, Phil
has been a great influence to us all
and will no doubt be a terrific
From Muskogee, OK
B.S. 1987 Northeastern State
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