Eric Keven Clymer, D.O.
Let's face
Bric is a good guy. !fe always did
his notegroups, sat quietly in class, and he even
liked the "Pokes. " When young Dr. Clymer
hangs out his shingle, his patients will be
treated by one ofthe finest.
From Antlers, OK
B.S. 1987 Oklahoma State University
Evan Dean Cole, D.O.
!fis determination. compassion.
dependability, and consistently genteel
manner has earned Bvan the love and
respect we all have for him. !fe's been an
excellent student and is certain to become an
excellent physician. Bvan should have no
trouble starting a practice since all of his
colleagues will be sending their mothers to
From Duncan, OK
Darrin Douglas Cunningham, D.O.
"Darvon. " the guy with a continuous smile who lives
by the philosophy that anything can be done in 12
From Stillwater, OK
B.S. 1986 Oklahoma State University
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