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L ___......
Scott Samuel Cyrus, D.O.
!fey Scott, is
true that they put D.O. afteryour
name because there wasn't enough room to write
D.O.rland's Dictionary? You get the Red Badge of
Courage for bringing Bob back from asystole and
preventing Kim from exsanguinating all over
Lesion Field. And did Nurse Finders really write
the school letters of recommendation just to get
rid ofyou?
From Tulsa, OK
B.S. 1984 University of Arkansas
B.A. 1982 University of Arkansas
Patricia Ann Ellison, D.O.
Trish was always concerned about kids
and their problems. !fer concerns drove
her to set her goals high and strive to
achieve them. If it wasn 'ttaking a picnic
lunch to anatomy lab,
was laking the
library models home. I must admit it
wasn't all work and no play, so you
might ask her about the iron maiden, or
the date set-up by the UPS delivery man,
or the Abominable Snowman.
P.S. Trish, you can return the library
models and books now.
From Sand Springs, OK
B.S. 1985 University of Oklahoma
A.S. 1981 Oklahoma State University
Jeffrey Dean Endsley, D.O.
From Ponca City, OK
B.B.A. 1980 University of Oklahoma
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