Khllberly Diane Galusha, D.O.
What can I call her but friend? She's quiet and
reserved but can still stand up for things she believes
in. She is compassionate, caring, and easy going.
She'll be a terrific Doc!! Thanks, Kim, for everything.
From Tulsa, OK
B.S. 1986 Oklahoma State University
Raji Murillo GilL D.O.
RElii's ability to listen and sincerely care about
others is greatly appreciated by his friends. ffis
capacity for caring, not to mention his dexterity
with a needle driver, will make him a successful
From Tahlequah, OK
B.S. 1986 Northeastern Oklahoma State
Martin Louis Grossman, D.O.
Compassionate, determined, and witty are
words that come to mind in describing Marty
Grossman. To those lucky enough to know him,
Marty is a loyal and supportive friend. As a
supporter ofcauses, some popular, some not
Marty has always balanced fairness and equity
in considering the interests ofthose around
From Tulsa, OK
M.P.H. 1981 University of Oklahoma
B.A. 1979 Washington University
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