Robert Jon Gunderson,
Besides being the "butt" ofother
people'sjokes, Chester Cheeto is a
dedicated, hardworking, and
determined student who will soon be an
Orthopod extraordinaire. Remember
Bob, you can't set all fractures with OMT
and spit!!
From Meeker, OK
B.S. 1987 University of Oklahoma
Ann Harreld,
Myra is our resident
pediatrician so it's not
surprising that she gets along
so well with our class. Ifer
talented stitchwork can mend
the broken people ofour
world in more ways than one.
from Wister, OK
B.S. 1988 Northeastern
Oklahoma State University
Shirlene Brooks Hill, D.O.
Shirlene Ifill is a person who does not
understand the phrase ''you can't do that."
She exemplifies the woman "who has it
all;" supportive husband, great kids, and a
promising future as a physician. Despite
the rigors ofa medical education she has
managed to do well in school and maintain
a balance ofpriorities in her life. Way to
go, Shirlene.
From Lake Village, AR
B.S. 1987 University of Arkansas
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